Agent Janine Fetcher has been sent to the sleepy town of New Barkshire to investigate the suspicious death of a child. Help her sniff out the truth in this dogtastic mystery.

Created between 22nd September and 7th October 2018 for Rainbow Jam 18, “A Safe Space”

Playtime : 30 - 60 minutes

This game heavily features references to bereavement and the death of a child. There are also references to self-harm, suicide and homophobia/transphobia.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFrost Dragon Liz
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsDogs, Indie, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Mystery, Narrative, puns, rainbowjam18, Transgender
Average sessionAbout an hour


Download 103 MB
Download 105 MB


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Hey, just got through with this lil game not too long ago!!! I really liked it, it's given me a myriad of feelings to sift through and a good chunk of inspiration as well~

Also! Thought I should note in case anyone else isn't aware yet, but there's a bit of a bug with the pause menu in game.  When you hit escape and then leave the pause menu, Janine freezes in place! I couldn't find a way to break free from that state, but I figured  oughta let ya know still.

All in all, great work! I had a really enjoyable time!

The game is short, but interesting.

Hi, I'm really interested in your game and would like to talk to you about something. If you wouldn't mind emailing me at




I loved playing through this! The art style was great and really leant itself to the small town atmosphere. The story was paced out well and the interactions between the characters enjoyable. The inclusion of little details like the FIDO objective book and the magnifying glass over important interactables helped to keep me on track. Would love to hear more about the process for how your team worked on this game for the jam!