The Siberian Traps are spewing lava and the BIG DIE is coming.

 Only with your help will Lystrosaurus reach the Triassic. 

Press <space> or <mouse click> to jump. Touch the lava to join the BIG DIE.

Made for Paleontology Coproliteposting Facebook group - join for the freshest paleomemes.

Thanks to Lopho BPDS  for this let's play

Android release :-


android.apk 22 MB
Download 274 MB


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wow this is really cool 

Hi there, I stumbled across a link to your game on the Beasts of Bermuda discord, and made a little video of it. (Alas, I have no idea if or where there's a private messaging system over here, which is probably more polite but I can't find it so comments section it is.) Thank you for making it!

That's amazing, thank you! I love how far this game has travelled now :D