A Perfectly Ordinary Virtual Pet

A perfectly normal virtual pet. Nothing out of the ordinary here! Care for it and watch it grow 🐛

Made for Ludum Dare 41 - "Combine two incompatible genres"


Click the buttons at the bottom of the screen to interact with your pet.

Press M to mute sound 🔊

Debug Shortcuts

Keys 1-4 change the game speed. Try 4 for genuine Tamagotchi long play experience!!⏱️

Enter skips to the next growth phase.

Game Mechanics (spoilers)

Baby needs feeding🍴 and love💕 (left most buttons) to help them grow up strong. They will periodically poop💩 and sleep💤 - clear up poop to keep them happy (button second from right) and make sure you don’t disturb them when they sleep. If you don’t look after them they will get angry⚡. Press the right most button to appease their anger…. please don’t let them get angry….please….

24th April - Updated some minor graphics, animation and sound glitches.

15th May - Minor sound and graphics update, with basic end states.


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This was a really interesting combination of genres! Love the tamagotchi inspired graphics and gameplay loop. 

Awwwww, what a sweet baby!

Love the meta touches with the screen boundary ;)